God Has Hands!

Do ya’ll remember the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”? I sang that song as a child and hummed it a few times as an adult. Catchy little tune, I must say. All the time I sang it I never really gave it much thought. Not the part about God having hands. To be honest, I’ve never really thought about God’s being. He was God, I wasn’t suppose to imagine Him with hands. That would seem too human. To be human would mean that He was like you and I. That would totally reduce God from who He really is! God just couldn’t have hands. Could He?

MANY years ago, when my husband and I were just dating, his hands are what attracted me the most (strange I know!). The way he gripped the steering wheel while he drove sent a tingle down my spine. He had the kind of hands like someone who has done hard manual labor. His hands even looked like he’d been in a few fights in his life; like he could ‘hold-his-own’ so to speak. He had big, strong hands. I knew those hands would protect me. After we had been married for several years, I had gotten a glimpse of his hands once again gripping the steering wheel. The same feeling came over me. He has lived with chronic pain for so many years but yet those big, strong hands were once again taking care of me.

That got me to thinking of God’s hands. “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, measured heaven with a span…?”(Isa 40:12) A span is the distance between the tips of the thumb and little finger. That is usually about 9 inches. But we’re talking about God’s hands. His hands measured the waters, the ocean. That’s pretty big!!

Isaiah 48:13a> “My own hand laid the foundations of the earth, and My right hand spread out the heavens”. Not only does that describe how big God’s hands are, it also describes strength. Enough strength to hold an entire world! With that being said, God’s hands are real. If He can measure the waters in the hollow of His hand, measure heaven with a span, and lay the foundations of the earth, then you can bet He can take care of us!

Even though my husband’s hands are big and strong, they are weak compared to God’s hands. They can’t even come close to His. In my husband’s hands I feel protected, I feel safe. Yet to a degree his hands are somewhat limited. God’s are not. There is nothing to big for God to hold in His hands. When my faith feels torn and tattered, I am learning to remember that God has me in His hands. He has whatever I am facing in His hands. Isn’t that comforting? Yes indeed, God has hands!!

In awe of Him,



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